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The cost-effective replacement

Easylube® lubricator consists of an electro- mechanical gear set, replaceable grease cup and battery. Easylube® product life cycle is 5 years. Its grease cup and battery are made by the world leading manufacturers to ensure stability and reliability, making it suitable for a wide variety of application especially equipments which are located at hard to reach or hazardous location. It is advisable to use only recommended accessories to optimize product performance, reduce grease consumptions, prevent contamination and enjoy quick return on investment. read more....




No matter what you have mind,  we are the ones to talk regarding all issues of your project.. We will do anything to carryout your project successfully. To support that, information management is an essential part of our quality management according to ISO 9001. We have developed a computer-supported network reflecting all areas of our group.thus, prompt access to detailed information is guaranteed and all parties involved-suctomer, supplier and project managers- always have the same level of information. We have a training programme which involves all employees. Any knowledge and experience  gained from individual projects is shared within the Kurvers group. Thus our employees have excellent expert knowledge and are able to support you even in a technical matters. read more...

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TIBERIUM TRADING is a preventive maintenance company focused on industrial reliability maintenance through effective contamination control - fluid handling, condition monitoring - vibration, oil analysis, alignment and thermograph. We are fully integrated in providing a full line of services from specialized consultancy, projects, lubrication, filtration conditioning and monitoring technologies, engineering and inspection for system design, cost analysis and failure analysis, enabling clients to improve machine reliability and reduce downtime. We have lubricant partners and consultants - expert in mining, power and other similar hands-on experience in their very own field of expertise in the Philippines and abroad "which uses cutting edge technology to provide service and keep equipment operating at peak performance." Tiberium's well-trained engineers and technicians will customize equipment maintenance program using system integration of top of line products and accessories.


TIBERIUM TRADING is founded on the premise that our clients deserve quality work, timely response, fair pricing and that each client is handled with care and concern. This applies to all services from major repairs to primary lubrication services, thoroughly inspected by supervisory personnel to ensure that the job is complete. We are proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction in order to deliver the best products and maintain the highest standard of quality while providing efficiency and cost effectiveness. The company is committed to excellence through extensive product line knowledge and knowing how to deal with our clients expectation and consistently exceeding them.We constantly make sure all of our employees are highly motivated and that the working environment is conducive to delivering the highest levels of service in an efficient and courteous manner.


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